Personal Training by Appointment Only  •  Forest Hill, MD 21050  •  Tel: 443-567-9740



Iron Athletics is a private gym used for personal training only- which means no memberships, your session is completely exclusive. It's just your trainer and you.

To ensure a safe environment, we are currently requiring masks for unvaccinated athletes.

Our equipment continues to be sanitized at the conclusion of each session.

Iron Athletics asks that any athlete feeling ill or feverish stay home and monitor their symptoms.

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Ski Erg • Air Dyne bike • concept2 Rower • Rogue Squat racks & platforms • Bumper plates • Specialty bars • Atlas Stones • Husafell Stone • Yoke • Farmers walk handles • battle ropes • Strongman log • circus dumbbell • stall bars • reverse hyper • Glute Ham Raise • Jammer Arms • Adjustable Tire • Stretching Table • tank sled & Prowler • axel • Adjustable sand bags • kettlebells • Competition Bench Press • and more