Personal Training

Join us for a 45 minute initial assessment to go over your goals, examine current movement patterns, optional body composition analysis, and speak about pertinent health history.

A truly professional trainer doesn't just care about numbers on the barbell or scale. A truly professional trainer cares whether their guidance will translate to improved, injury free quality of life and performance. 


Iron Athletics has seen everyone from seniors looking to stay exceptionally strong and mobile during their golden years to teenage athletes looking for sports specific training to edge out competition, repair imbalances, and impress collegiate recruiters.

With Steve's extensive knowledge of energy systems, physiology, and custom progressive training programs, your goals are well within reach.

If interested in seeing what we offer first hand, help us reach you and book now. 

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online coaching

Online ProgramMing for Athletes, Strongman, and General Fitness Available

Chasing gains but feeling like you've plateaued? Looking for a thorough training program or technique coaching? Some expert guidance might be exactly what's missing from your daily grind.

Near or far, Iron Athletics has your back. 

With a little insight into your daily habits and current fitness routine, Steve will customize a comprehensive plan to crush your goals. He'll be available to review your form, provide feedback, answer questions, and keep you inspired and on track.

Sounds good, right? Here's how it works.

Spare a few minutes to fill out our form. Steve will be in touch to fill in any gaps he may need, then he's gonna Wile E. Coyote the pants off your old routine- only difference is, his plans succeed.

You'll be given 4 weeks of progressive programming. During your final week, you'll send feedback on your first 3 weeks. With the info you provide, Steve will program out your next month of training for maximum results.

It's that simple.

Give us the reins, see the gains.

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